Our latest Testimonials

Stairway to Heaven
Have you ever experienced a  night in the Paradise? Not? So just book at Mercedes Cove and you'll understand what I mean.It's hard to describe what your feeling could be before havings spent a few nights over there.'It's incredible, mainly for European people, that such a heaven exists on earth.
Such quiet place with a beach only for you, overlooking on the ocean where whales are feeding their calves, amazing birds waking you up in the morning and on top of that the two owners as friendly as if you'd been knowing them for ever....
If I'd have been more selfish I would not have said any word about this place...just to keep it "secret",  But I don't want not to share such peaceful place.  I just wanted to keep a bit of 'mystery' about Mercedes Cove as only the ones who deserve it should go there....Hoping this will give you the desire for going there.
– Mimostralia
Hard to leave such a beautiful place, such warm and generous hospitality. It's a nice place - St Kilda by the sea BUT THIS IS BY THE SEA.. Thank you for your warm welcome, friendly family, laughs, music and great food and company.
– Paul Kelly (Singer/Songwriter) & Sian Prior
St Kilda
This is a magical place, we had an amazing honeymoon here, Thank you to Pat for helping us out with food and drinks and saving the Day..We have enjoyed every minute here, watching whales breeching off shore, and have the whole place to ourselves and for the fascinating insight into Indigenous Culture that you have in Paradise
– Will & Sally Symons
Birmingham UK